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The Arts at Center Street is a performing arts center and home to the Arts at Center Street Theatre Company, located in Nashville, TN.


Summer 2016

MENTAL examines the functional dysfunctionality of the human experience, and the ways in which people choose to navigate life’s turbulence. 

After her divorce, 40-year old Amy Clark-Reed returned home to her religious, medicated mother Ellie, who has a history of running off without notice. Lately, anytime Mom runs off, Amy and her siblings get together for a meal and wait for the cops to bring her home. The play joins the Clark siblings for 12 hours at the house where they grew up, in a small town on the outskirts of wine country in Northern California. 

MENTAL starred Kristina Davis, Tara Garner, Corey Streeter, and Derek Bargatze, supported by members of the Center Street Theatre Company. 


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